1. Wishing well, Gary Moore
  2. Shadow play, Rory Gallagher
  3. Tie your mother down, Queen
  4. Ain't it heavy, Melissa Etheridge
  5. Echo of my soul, Brickyard
  6. Home feeling, Julian Sas
  7. You shook me all night long, (AC/DC) Anastacia/Celine Dion
  8. Rockn'roll Hoochie Koo, Rick Derringer
  9. I want to come over, Melissa Etheridge
  10. The hunter, Gov't Mule
  11. Mud Honey, Joanne Shaw Taylor
  12. Keep your hands to yourself, Georgia Satellites
  13. Never be clever, Herman Brood
  14. Bring me some water, Melissa Etheridge
  15. Angel on my shoulder, Popa Chubby
  16. Fool for your stockings, ZZ Top
  17. Tattoo'd lady, Rory Gallagher
  18. Missing man formation, Brickyard
  19. Whole lotta love, Led Zeppelin, Beth Hart
  20. Brick in your face, Brickyard
  21. Low down and dirty, Popa Chubby
  22. Down down, Status Quo
  23. Can't get enough of your love, Bad Company
  24. All right now, Free
  25. Small Town, John Mellencamp
  26. Human touch, Bruce Springsteen
  27. Brass in pocket, The Pretenders
  28. Rocking in a free world, Neil Young
  29. White Room, Cream
  30. Poisin Heart, Ramones
  31. I want you to want me, Cheap Trick
  32. Shadow on the wall, Mike Oldfield
  33. Moonchild, Rory Gallagher
  34. What's the frequency Kenneth, REM
  35. If it's makes you happy, Sheryl Crow

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